Body Support ENG

The Body Support program of EriSports is a nutrition program for weight control and creating your own lifestyle.

We follow the standards of the NEVO nutrition table. The Dutch Food Composition Database is property of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Body Support is the nutrition program of EriSports, where the goal -strive towards a realistic weight- will be accomplished. For many this means losing weight, but there are others, for example sport specific reasons, who are looking to increase muscle and therefore gain weight. 

After an intake and by having a weekly body measurement the calorie requirement is determined. On basis of your goal we will make 7 different daily menus.

After every week a new measurement =new fat percentage =new calorie requirement =new weekly menu.

The power of the program is having 6 meals a day; 3 main meals and 3 snacks, where you eat every 2½ hours. The energy you need is based on the energy you use, which results in losing weight without having the cravings to eat. In the end –when the program can be followed on your own- this leads to actually be able to stick with the plan and prevent the ‘yo-yo effect’. When looking to gain weight you will create a responsible surplus in calories (positive energy balance), which makes sure you really take in what you need, consciously spread out during the day.

To manually apply variations there will be an alternative nutrition list available. In order to prepare you will receive a shopping list, which includes what is needed for the upcoming weekly menu.

The Body Support program focuses completely on the individual; looking at your personal needs and wishes and offers a guaranteed success for every goal.

Body Support is part of the EriSports Personal Training package, but can also be followed independently.